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Buying Used Cars Directly From Its Owner

Posted in Buying tips by Willbe on the November 10th, 2006

By: Joe Goertz

Used car

When seeing advertisements involving cars for sale by the owner, you don’t have to automatically suspect. If you’re a smart customer, you’ll read the whole advertisement and decide for yourself whether or not the owner is a legitimate seller selling a viable vehicle. Some advertisements will reveal themselves as just nonsense; others will involve the sale of used automobiles by dealers. Still others will be legitimate advertisements for cars offered by owners who are giving you a great deal for their used vehicle. Again, reading carefully makes all the difference.

For example, I recently was in the market for a used automobile and decided to go for one that was for sale by an owner, feeling this to be the most effective way to get a used car at a reasonable price. I found a selection of advertisements on “Craig’s List”, an online community bulletin board. Amazingly, there were many choices for me, some of which looked great but weren’t in my budget, some of which were very affordable but lacked all the necessary parts (like the engine) and some that looked great enough to actually contact the owners and test drive the vehicles. Unfortunately, I was unable to get any response back from the owners, even after I called back and left an offer. (more…)

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Buy Used Car Cheap…

Posted in Buying tips by Willbe on the October 28th, 2006

Tired of saving up for that dream machine? Wish you can take a long, fast ride in the car of your choice? Well now you can stop fantasizing about it and make it happen buy used car cheap!

Everyday, Americans cannot afford their car payments. As a result, their new and almost new cars are seized and sold in a hurry because the storing costs are very expensive for the amount of cars they have.

There are 1000s of used cars that become government and bank properties every day! Due to surplus laws and the cost to store the extra vehicles, cars are constantly being sold at extremely cheap prices! If you keep reading on you can find out how to get a great repossessed or seized car for bids starting as low as $200! Yes you did read right $20.

These cars are fresh, almost new, in great conditions and are just waiting for you to buy them. Stop paying your car notes and get the same car for three, two or even just one of those payments through the government funded auctions that were the dealerships secret until now. There’s no hidden costs, there’s no difficult applications. All you do is sign up for one of the online companies there selling these cheap cars you get a lifetime pass to there constantly updated car databases.

 Volvo v70

Here are some of the care I have seen be sold this way:

Year: 2003 Make: VOLVO Model: V70 Model Detail: XC Mileage: 28,751 km
Retail Price: $43,995
Sold for $10,890 saved $33,105

Year: 2003 Make: ACURA Model: 3.2 TL Model Detail: 3.2 S Mileage: 54,000 km
Retail Price: $33,400
Sold for $6,540 Saved $26,860

Year: 2002 Make: HONDA Model: CIVIC Model Detail: SI Mileage: 67,000 km
Retail Price: $17,000
Sold for $3,850 Saved $13,150

Why are these cars so cheap, well they need to get rid of these cars as fast as possible and they are willing to take almost any price for the amazing cars. Because of there updated databases, you can find the nearest auction and get a car at an unbelievable price.
It is very easy to find your new dream car, and buy used car cheap, you just join one of the online auction sites, click on your favorites car model it could be Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Mercedes or anything else, then you enter your Zip number and then you have a list of cars in your area, Here are what I did, I search for a Audi TT and got 291 Audi in my area, I found an Audi TT 2002 Gold color price $700, and this was just one of 291 Audi I could buy cheap.

Would you know why you have never heard about this before?, This method, until recently, has been protected by car dealers and the people who attend these auctions. The dealers often keep all of their sources secret so they can make a lot of money reselling these kind of cars. Since we have gathered a large database of almost all the auction and seized car lots in America, you can now buy at the same price as the dealers get or even cheaper! Some people have reported getting 95% off the retail price of the car in our testimonial section.

And one thing more, can you thrust the cars are not stolen and legit? Yes, its simple, almost all of the cars have a complete identification report and the VIN numbers are always there. You can bid with comfort because all of the dealers are completely legit and most are government oriented.

What are you waiting for, join one of the car auction sites and find your dream car today very cheap.

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Honda CR-V 1997

Posted in CR-V, HONDA by Willbe on the October 4th, 2006


Honda CR-V 1997

If reaction to the Honda CR-V in America is anything like its introduction in Japan, this could be a very difficult vehicle to find, at least initially. Honda expected its first in-house-designed sport utility to be a niche vehicle. However, sales in Japan have run at about triple the rate of the company’s most optimistic projections. The CR-V is virtually the same size as a Honda Passport, and is over 14 inches longer than a Toyota RAV4. The CR-V features a unique, “intelligent” all-wheel-drive system that routes power from the front wheels, and four-wheel independent suspension. The CR-V is not up to the rigors of all-out off-roading but it can definitely be taken on a picnic—it even has a table that folds out of the cargo area! In Japan, most CR-V sales have been to young people. 

At a base retail price of $19,400, the CR-V sport-utility vehicle is equipped with a 2.0-liter DOHC 4-cylinder engine that produces 126 horsepower. Standard features include dual airbags, a 4-speed automatic transmission, full-time 4WD, a rear window wiper/washer, and an exterior spare-tire carrier.

The CR-V is designed to have 4WD capabilities, yet still feel and handle like a car. The interior features clear easy-to-read gauges as well as an adjustable steering column. A center console features a small tray with two cupholders. 

Cargo Space
With the spare tire carried outside the vehicle, the cargo area of the CR-V is quite roomy, with almost 30 cubic feet of space. The panel shown lifted in the photo not only covers additional cargo space, it is a folding picnic table as well.

Fuel Economy

City (mpg) 22
Highway (mpg) 25

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